Mother’s Day…

If you are a mother who has lost your child, I know that today is a very difficult day. I wish you all the best of memories to hopefully help to ease some of your pain. If you have other children, I hope that you can bathe in the joy of their love to help you through.

If you are someone who is feeling the loss of your mother, I also wish you the best of good memories to see you through this day.


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  1. melodylowes
    May 13, 2012 @ 23:47:01

    Finally – someone who isn’t all syrupy-sweet about Mother’s Day! For some of us, this day is just – hard. Icky. I know it will be a difficult one for you. And I am grieving my own Mother – and have no grave to show for it. Life is so hard and days like this can make it worse. It is good to remember that not everyone approaches this day with excitement. Out churches and communities need to know and be sensitive to those who don’t fit the ‘profile’ of one who is ready to celebrate.


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